Cert IV in Community Culture

“I work for a Politician and my role is Community liaison /electoral officer, I have been involved in the course for the past 4 weeks and in that time I am gaining the insight into the importance of contextualizing . Communication is a very important part of my role and having just covered this module and learning ways to approach conflict resolutions and knowing the win / win solution is really beneficial.

I have built up an on line relationship with my Skype study buddy and together by hooking up once a week we get to nut out any difficulties we may be having ,sometimes digressing and sharing knowledge of our different roles in the community. We both agree we certainly are benefitting from this course even at this early stage.”

Robbie Murray

“In just a few weeks of starting the Community Culture Cert IV certificate, I’m already learning how to start talking the ‘community lingo’ and being given real-world skills to be able to put in place in our community. I already knew that Community cohesiveness and understanding was important, but this course has helped highlight to me the core values to achieve this so we can roll them out to our community in our development work. Our teacher Deevah has a lot of experience that you can hear through her teaching with her examples that relate to our learning. I love online training, because after I put the children to bed I can listen to the lectures and continue to work through my workbook at my own pace! It’s a win-win.”

Sheena Uebergang
Promotions Officer for South Burnett Regional Council

“I first was hoping that this Certificate IV Community Culture would assist me in the here and now. As it has turned out I am finding that the skill base I have is being reinforced by added input and the training to assure me that I am operating from a secure foundation.

As the course progresses I am finding avenues of opportunity in front of me that were not being accessed. Can highly recommend to anyone with the desire to achieve in the field of Community Development.”

Wendy Francis
President of Bundaberg Arts Festival

Cert IV Local Government Training

“Thank you for creating an opportunity for ‘creatives’ to undertake this course. Your wonderful support and guidance throughout the course has been very gratefully received. I have found the whole experience very rewarding, and have appreciated having opportunities to immediately apply the information. Your patience is amazing!”

Sally Charlton

This qualification was integral to the building of the business case to move me to level 3 so I am delighted it is all complete. Thank you for all your patient assistance Audrey…

Anne Keam

I have a job interview for funding coordinator… without this course I wouldn’t have learnt the additional skills that I needed.

Charmaine Mckeon

“I find this training a unique opportunity and an enriching personal and professional development.”

“Great course – much needed. Should be pushed by all Councils and LGAQ for all community workers – as it would really help them to work with their ‘clients’.”

“Everything was excellent – material, place, aids, delivery, venue, weather, catering, social aspects…”

“This should be widely promoted in Local Government and through LGAQ. Audrey and Creating Links provide an excellent service!”

“Great discussions and informative debate, very stimulating.”

“Training was excellent – information, content, networking and sharing.”

“Thank you for the knowlege and the company. It has been a pleasure.”

“There was lots of relevant content and excellent tools provided; (and) the willingness of the trainer to adapt to the diverse range of prior knowledge bases and learning styles.”

“It was a… safe and comfortable enviornment to learn with a variety of learning styles; fun and interactive and moved quickly (certainly not boring)”

Former Students

Facilitation Skills Training

“The facilitation course was instrumental in securing my position at a national conference ……. a conference that allowed me to grow as a person and interact and learn from inspirational young people all over Australia.”

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

“was an excellent and enjoyable course.”

“easy to follow, clear learning material with clear questions to answer; understanding each facilitation process and steps involved was great. I have facilitated before, so the information really clicked with me as I was reading. I liked that it’s facilitation training that explains community and cultural development (ccd) and processes behind why things are more successful when done in certain ways, so for external coursework, I don’t think it could have been done better.”
“Thank you for a great weekend – inspiring, fun and enlightening. This is a great course that has immediate applications and tangible results.”

Melissa Robertson
Cultural Development Officer

Art Nexus Inc.

“Have really enjoyed this course despite the pressure to complete. This line of study is valuable in so many ways – should be taught at school! Many thanks for the opportunity.”

Deb Eldemire Potter

Managing RADF Committee Training and Community Workshops Delivery

Good morning Audrey,
Firstly, I would to take the opportunity to tell you it was a great pleasure to work with you again. I have received extremely positive feedback from participants regarding the RADF Community Workshops and Managing RADF Training for Local Committees programs delivered on behalf of the Central Highlands Regional Council by Creating Links. Participants identified the format, feel, high quality content, presentation and participatory process as a key and important factor contributing to the overall success of these community training events.
The immediate benefits have been an increase in the public profile of our RADF Program across the Central Highlands region. This was achieved because the training actively worked to promote the RADF program’s strengths. I have received a number of enquiries regarding the RADF Program from community members who could not make it to the workshops but have heard of their value through the community grapevine. I have identified ten potential applications for the next round of RADF funding which compared to the previous six months is an increase of 150 per cent. Your work enhances the work we do here at Council. Thank you.

Craig Ball
Arts & Cultural Officer, Central Highlands Regional Council

Managing RADF Committee Training

“…great networking. Workbook – great tool for future use… this workshop offered broader views on strategies and meeting management and application assessment. Audrey is a polished facilitator.. experiencing training from Creating Links would definitely make me consider future training..”

“it was definitely worthwhile attending the course, gave me a more comprehensive idea/knowledge about the entire RADF program”.

“trainer’s delivery …. Focussed, appropriate, interactive, informative, great pace; ‘great, both entertaining and serious.”

Committee Training participants