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We are near the end of the inaugural delivery of our Certificate IV in Local Government. Many students have completed and will soon be receiving their Certificates. My thanks go to all those who persevered with the coursework; from the comments I received, participants found the work challenging, but very rewarding.

Training at Blackall

Bundaberg Training Participants

Wonderful connections were made and relationships have continued to develop with some of the students well after the training; Pamela Fisher from Bundaberg has partnered with Marg Powers in Dalby for an exhibition later this year, where they will present poetry and paintings in a tribute to the January flood survivors.

Training at Blackall

Blackall Training Participants

Some people have asked why would a Cert IV in Local Government be relevant for a creative or volunteer who is not working – or doesn’t intend to work in council. There are many reasons, but one is that local governments engage at a grassroot level with their constituents, more so than any other government department. By understanding how local government works, developing skills and knowledge about working in community and with community groups, and through building a relationship with council staff, creatives are better placed to link in with council activities, source potential work in council and their community; and to further develop their knowledge and skills.

The Cert IV  training explores:
·      The role of culture within the community
·      Cultural diversity
·      Power and participation
·      Developing community relations
·      Conflict resolution
·      Networking
·      Communication planning
·      Community engagement
·      Cultural mapping
·      Project management
·      Managing finances in local government; and more.

We anticipate offering this training again starting in August with subsidies for those who are unwaged. So if you’re enthusiastic and interested, please contact us.

Learn more about the training content.

Read some of the initial comments received about our training.

Training at Blackall

Mackay Training

This training was fully funded by the Dept of Education and Training for unwaged creatives and volunteers; and partially funded for waged participants through the Productivity Places Program.

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