Short Accredited Courses

Creative Community Development & Researching Australian Indigenous information
 (305 hours)

This training provides an in depth overview of working within a creative community development framework..  Participants explore using creative processes in community, building and maintaining networks,  cross cultural awareness and working respectfully with other cultures, understanding group dynamics, facilitation skills and conflict resolution.  The training also focusses on the First Peoples of Australia, and participants are supported to research and develop a detailed resource that will continue to be used after the training;  connections with local Indigenous groups and/or communities will also be fostered.

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Developing an idea and securing funding
(140 hours)

This course explores a range of creative processes to encourage participants to explore out of the box thinking and inspire new project/event ideas.    Participants will produce a preliminary project scope to assist with the initial research and planning to produce a funding proposal.  By the end of the training, the participants will have resolved a project idea and produced enough material to apply for funding.

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Managing an event/project

This course provides an overview of managing projects from start to finish. Participants are introduced to the principles of project management, workplace health and safety in relation to events, financial processes, negotiating contracts, inducting and managing volunteers, producing marketing materials for an event and working as a team for a small production.

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